This rigorous 3-year program requires students to commit to year-round participation, including Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions. Students must commit to taking all courses in the prescribed CSin3 pathway. The pathway is designed to meet transfer, GE, and major requirements in just 3 years. Students will receive a B.S. in Computer Science from CSUMB.


In order to stay on track, CSin3 students receive priority registration and are automatically registered in their courses each semester. The course pathway is designed to meet transfer, major, and university requirements.

Academic Support

Cohort Study Times

Study rooms at both campuses are reserved specifically for our students to study together 3 times a week for a duration of 2hrs each study session.

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL)

Students in older cohorts are trained to be Peer Leaders that host weekly PLTL workshops for the introductory computer science courses. In these workshops, 4-6 students solve a challenging packet of problems collaboratively with their classmates, while the Peer Leader facilitates and guides the discussion.


TA++ is a program for Teacher Assistants at CSUMB. CSin3 students are able to utilize this resource for the courses they take at CSUMB. If they have met the proper qualifications, CSin3 students can also apply to be a TA++. A TA++ is a Teacher Assistant…and more. TA++s do typical TA duties such as grading and tutoring, but also come together for weekly training activities focused on more effective methods of supporting computer science instruction. TA++s for introductory programming classes lead Peer-Led Team Learning sessions in addition to regular TA duties. Learn more about our TA++ program here.

Friday Cohort Enrichment (FCE)

In addition to the professional development component, FCE teaches our first year students time management and important study skills. FCE is run by our Education Coordinator who also dedicates time to reviewing complex concepts from class. FCE is also where community building takes place.


Course Pathway (subject to change)

Year Semester Course # Course Title Units Location


Fall CSS 1 Intro to CS and Programming Fundamentals 4 Hartnell
ENG 1A College Composition and Reading 3 Hartnell
MAT 3A Calculus I 4 Hartnell
HIS 17B US History 3 Hartnell
CST 286 Physics of Computing 4 CSUMB
Winter BIO 42 Human Biology 3 Hartnell
Spring ENG 2 Critical Thinking 3 Hartnell
MUS 5 Ethnic Music 3 Hartnell
CSS 2A Object-Oriented Programming 4 Hartnell
CSS 7 Discrete Structures 4 Hartnell
CST 205 Multimedia Programming 4 CSUMB
Summer COM 1 Essentials of Public Speaking 3 Hartnell
POL 1 American Public Institutions 3 Hartnell


Fall ENG 1B College Literature and Composition 3 Hartnell
CSS 2B Data Structures 4 Hartnell
CSS 3 Computer Architecture & Assembly Programming 4 Hartnell
BIO 48/48L Environmental Science 4 Hartnell
MATH 270 Mathematics of Computing 4 CSUMB
Winter PHIL 10 Ethics 3 Hartnell
Spring CST 300 Pro-Seminar 4 CSUMB
CST 338 Software Design 4 CSUMB
CST 336 Internet Programming 4 CSUMB
CST 370 Algorithms 4 CSUMB
Summer Internships


Fall CST 363 Database Systems 4 CSUMB
CST 334 Operating Systems 4 CSUMB
CST 462S Computer Science Service Learning 4 CSUMB
CST 438 Software Engineering 4 CSUMB
CST 495 iOS Programming 3 CSUMB
Spring SBS 345 Cultural Anthropology 4 CSUMB
CST 499 Directed Capstone 4 CSUMB
CST 311 Intro to Computer Networking 4 CSUMB
CST 373 Ethics in Communication and Technology 4 CSUMB
CST 497 Independent Study 4 CSUMB