Financial Aid

Program Costs

Below are the approximate tuition costs for CSin3. Please note that these costs do not include housing, school supplies, and other associated attendance costs, as these can vary.


Enrollment Fee – $46/unit

Student Service Fee – $10/semester

Cross Enrollment – $10/course


Tuition – $2,736/semester

Campus Fee – $453.50/semester


(3 semesters)


Stdnt srvc fees

Cross enrolls







Hartnell Total $2,590

(3 semesters)


Campus fees





CSUMB Total $9,569
Grand Total $12,159

 Tuition Comparison

A CSin3 students spend less than half of the average tuition cost for a traditional four-year degree from a public university.

Tuition and Fee Estimates for College
CSin3 CS++/
CSUMB 4-year
CSUMB Avg Public In-State Avg Private
6-year 4-year 6-year 4-year 6-year
$12,159 $25,516 $38,274 $37,640 $56460 $129,620 $194,430


It is required that CSin3 students complete either the FAFSA or Dream Act every year that they are in the program. We host financial aid workshops each year to assist our students and their families in filling out these applications.

Outside Scholarships

In addition to assisting with FAFSA and Dream Act applications, our staff will work with each student to make sure that they can afford our program. Our goal is to have each student graduate without loan debt.

Hartnell Scholarships

Hartnell College has multiple scholarship opportunities for students and most of them have an application deadline at the end of Fall semester. Please visit this page to find out more about the opportunities